Save the dates – 2019 IASIA Conference, 22-26 July - Lisbon, Portugal



Dear colleagues,


We come to you in your capacity as prospective participants of the 2019 Annual IASIA Conference to be held in the gorgeous city of Lisbon, Portugal.


The 2019 IASIA Conference will be held on 22-26 July and is organized in cooperation with ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Among other topics, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the main conference theme Public Administration’s Missions and Goals for the Achievement of the SDGs.


IASIA Conferences have always tackled relevant and challenging current themes. The significant success of our events is anchored to critical matters the kind of have driven and inspired us to choose Lisbon as our next station.


It is easy reach of many people through the world and is not a secret how Portugal in general and Lisbon, in particular, is increasingly catching the attention due to its great improvements in urban development, historical heritage conservation, responsible environmental care, reduction of patterns of inequality, universal efficient health system and innovation among other topics that pushing its advancement to plainly attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


All these achievements obviously required remarkable contributions from government through public administration in national and local level, business and its hospitable and proactive people. For these and other reasons, Lisbon has acquired the category one of the top touristic attractions of Europe.


Although the availability of hotels in the city and nearby touristic towns is extensive, the significant increasing flow of visitors during the Portuguese summer makes highly advisable to book flight and accommodation in advance.


In conclusion, with the right plans, you could be part of an outstanding conference and also enjoy the architectures of the old and the new integrated Lisbon, urban/interurban security mobility, visiting interesting neighbor cities, paradisiac beaches, the beauty of Tejo River waterfront facilities, mountain landscapes as well as being delighted by remarkable music, gastronomy and winery.


Let's free the imagination, be a good planner and save the dates!