IIAS Research and Professional Development Academy

The IIAS Research and Professional Development Academy (IIAS Academy) aims to provide PhD Students, young researchers and young professionals (later stage of their PhD thesis or early stage in their professional life) from different regions of the world with an opportunity to develop their capacity to publish, write proposals, seek research grants, establish contact with Brussels-based institutions and start collaborations with other participants.

The idea is for participants to share their research experience in Public Administration/ Management (and related domains) and discuss their early plans/experience of integrating professional life. A key vehicle for this integration is how to use the results of their thesis work to set forward their professional careers.

Junior participants will have an opportunity to mingle with each other and senior professionals and share their experiences of early stage career development. The key objectives of the IIAS Academy are:

  • Orient young professionals towards further developing their careers in different contexts: academia, public sector, and international organisations.
  • Provide participants with an opportunity to network with representatives from leading universities, Brussels-based local public organizations (ministries, agencies,..), multinationals (consulting companies);
  • Visit with national, regional and international organisations (EC, UN, and INGOs) to have better insights on the inner workings of those organisations, related career opportunities as well as career development paths that harness the link with the different types of organisations.
  • Offer participants the opportunity to assess their individual competencies and skills for career development and develop them accordingly

Dates : 25 February 2019 - 1st March 2019
Venue :
IIAS Headquarters :
Rue du Commerce, 96 6th Floor - Block C
B- 1040 Brussels, BELGIUM Phone: + 32 2 536 08 80
E-mail :

CALL-FOR-APPLICATIONS : (attached file)