On-the-Job Internship Programme - IIAS-IISA - International Institute of Administrative Sciences - Institut international des Sciences administratives

The Trainee’s Profile:

The International Institute of Administrative Sciences is opening its doors to students having completed their Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in business administration or public administration and who wish to be involved in a training internship (non-remunerated) related to their studies (in administrative or political science, public management, public law, international relations). The Institute is acknowledged internationally and maintains close relations with its members:States, National Sections and International Organisations.

Selection of Trainees:

Trainees are selected by the Director General, in agreement with the services to which the trainees are to be assigned and in keeping with the principle of a balanced geographical selection.

Objectives of the International On-the-Job Training Programme (benefits for the trainee):

The on-the-job training programme is a means for the trainee to understand and appreciate relations of professional exchange between members of the same network of administrative sciences, and thus to gain new perspectives and insights.  The trainee is entrusted with a specific IIAS strategic development task and also takes part in a sector in which activities are varied, such as the public administration reform process.  The trainee is involved in both the Institute’s theoretical deliberations and its administrative management.

The trainee has the possibility of working and expressing himself/herself in a multicultural and multilingual environment. English and French are the main working languages.

This on-the-job training provides the trainee with professional experience; it is a means to develop his/her profile and to become known within the large professional network of IIAS. It is thus an excellent springboard towards a first job in the civil service, public management or the administrative sciences.

Hiring Conditions :

The trainee is not remunerated. A convention of training course or voluntary help will be signed. The organisations of origin will cover the subsistence, housing, remuneration and moving expenses related with the training course, as well as the subscription to a medical insurance and a repatriation insurance.If the training course is carried out on a purely personal basis,these expenses will be supported by the trainee. The IIAS offers the framework and the means of work, a financial participation per working day equivalent to the amount of a meal cheque, as well as any assistance for administrative questions and personal settlement.

Contact :

Dr. Fabienne Marone-mail: f.maron@iias-iisa.org

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