Message from the President - IIAS-IISA - International Institute of Administrative Sciences - Institut international des Sciences administratives

Photo Geert BouckaertThe International Institute of Administrative Sciences is a global, general, and comprehensive organization in the field of Public Administration with a mission to improve administrative sciences and practices worldwide.

IIAS is global but also local in its structures. Our State Members and National Sections are gathering at the national levels, but also at the regional levels through our regional organisations and events in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the MENA region, and Africa. We also meet at our international congresses. It is our mission to connect and reach out through dialogues between countries and regions.

IIAS is general and specialised in its activities. We share ideas and practices by publishing, including our journal (International Review of Administrative Sciences), sharing knowledge platforms, and organizing meetings and congresses/conferences. It is our mission to reach out and dialogue through our study groups, as an organization that is open to new ideas and to new formats.

IIAS is comprehensive but also focused in its scope. We connect academics by offering dynamic platforms for researchers and those teaching and training in the broad field of public administration. We also connect practitioners and policy makers by sharing platforms for discussion from the UN level to the regional or local levels. It is our mission to also bridge the academic community and the world of practice by focusing on pracademics to create a shared agenda to better understand, explain, and ultimately improve the public sector and public service.

IIAS is proud to welcome you to our broad family and global community of those that are convinced that the public service and its public sector provide solutions to our complex problems of administrating and governing and managing administrations and policies.

Therefore we need to organize ourselves to contribute to improving our public administrations for the benefit of all our citizens.

Prof. Dr. Geert Bouckaert
IIAS President

International Institute of Administrative Sciences
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