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The IIAS Study Group on ‘Coproduction of Public Services’ is organizing its sixth annual conference in Stellenbosch, 22-23 May 2018. Our aim is to create and nurture an intellectual platform for the theoretical discussion and empirical analysis of coproduction and its implications for the organization and management of public services.

During the 2017 Co-production Study Group meeting in Washington D.C., some ideas were discussed about topics that should be addressed during the next meeting which will be held in Stellenbosch in May 2018. Based on these discussions, it is proposed that the overall theme of next year’s meeting is:

The What, Who, Where, Why, and How of Co-Production in an International Context

It is thus proposed to have five themes and we invite participants to submit papers on any of those themes. Although we want to explore the what, who, where, why, and how of co-production, we realize that these elements are inter-linked and would expect papers to discuss more than one.

More information on the call-for-papers

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