IIAS Governance Week

Jan 29 - Feb 01, 2019

8 AM - 6 PM

Belgium, IIAS Headquarters

Governance Week

IIAS Governance Week

The statutory meetings, which are regularly held in the spring in Brussels, will be combined with a world-class event on public governance bringing together leading thinkers and partners in the field to delve into latest developments in public governance.

Other than the customary statutory meetings for the three entities that are managed directly by the IIAS Secretariat in Brussels, the 4 day-long event will feature workshops around the internal and external governance of IIAS and its entities.

These workshops will be open to partners of IIAS from other learned societies and international organizations partners (EC, UN, OECD, ETF, etc.). Workshop titles include

  • i. Open Access in scientific publishing with the participation of our publishers (Sage & Palgrave), and representatives of Open Access regulators and lobby groups;
  • ii. A workshop on accreditation of PA programs with participation of leading accreditation agencies in the world including NASPAA, EAPPA and ICAPA;
  • iii. A roundtable of leading learned societies in the field to debate common agendas for public administration and governance;
  • iv. Funding for research and capacity building in PA worldwide;
  • v. financial management of IIAS and similar learned societies;
  • vi. IIAS Scientific management. Few workshops will be restricted and by invitation only, namely the one on IIAS budget, publications & events for 2019, and presidential hearings as 2019 will be the year of elections for all IIAS entities.

The climax of the event will be at the Royal Academy of Belgium and will feature a keynote from a high-ranking public official from the Belgian government or the European Commission alongside prominent members of the IIAS network including Presidents of its entities.