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Procedure & Guidelines 


Procedure: IIAS community members may apply with a proposal for a new Study Group: outline timing, criteria, and team of co-chairs and send their proposal (in January and in June) to the Programme and Research Advisory Committee (PRAC). The proposal will be sent to the PRAC Chairman and to the IIAS secretariat.


Co-chairs of the IIAS Permanent Study Groups will create an intellectual platform within the International Institute of Administrative Sciences.

The purpose is to establish a meeting place for debate among researchers/academics and practitioners on a specific theme and to make progress in our knowledge about the field of public administration. 



The co-chairs of the permanent IIAS Study Groups constitute a team of academics/practitioners from the different regions of the world and ensure the following:


-three-year intellectual project on a current PA theme;

-publications with reference to IIAS as outputs;

-website on the theme of the Study Group including a platform for discussion (forum);

-availability for contributions to the IIAS Congresses and activities;

-strategy to include participants from all over the world;

-availability for IIAS joint projects with IIAS partners;

-consideration to have activities for young researchers and young practitioners;

-to conduct separate activities and seminars on the theme of the study groups;

-actions to establish partnerships with other networks in the field;

– to contribute to the activities of the regional groups and IIAS partners;

-providing yearly feedback to the PRAC;

-participate in the co-chairs IIAS meeting during the IIAS annual Congress.


Contact for further information on IIAS Study Groups and for sending proposals:

Prof. Dr. Masahiro Horie

IIAS PRAC Chairman

Director, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

7-22-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku,

TOKYO 106-8677, JAPAN 

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Dr. Fabienne Maron

IIAS Scientific Administrator

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Tel : + 32 2 536 08 84

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