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Monsieur Guy Braibant

In the IIAS HQ in Rue Defacqz, Brussels, on the evening of Wednesday 20th March 2002 Professor Guy Braibant of France’s prestigious Conseil d’Etat delivered the first of an annual series of scientific lectures by the world-class thinkers and writers that are assembled under the banner of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences.Here is the list of the different lectures and those who made the Institute the honor of delivering them:

2017 Jean-Marc Sauvé
2016 Pan Suk Kim
2015 Margaret Saner
2014 Christopher Pollitt
2013 Gavin Drewry
2012 Bernardo Kliksberg
2011 Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi
2010 Akira Nakamura
2009 Derry Ormond
2008 Leap year
2007 Gérard Timsit
2006 Jocelyne Bourgon
2005 Ignacio Pichardo Pagaza
2004 Francis Delpérée
2003 Klaus König
2002 Guy Braibant


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