Meeting between delegates from Ministry of the Interior and Safety and IIAS staff 3 May 2018, Brussels


Participants: Steve Troupin (IIAS), Nilufar Lebasi (IIAS), Fabienne Maron (IIAS), Minjoo Koo, (Deputy Director, Innovation Planning Division, Ministry of the Interior and Safety-), Yujin Lee, (Deputy Director, Innovation Planning Division, Ministry of the Interior and Safety).

The Minister of the Interior and Safety is the institution representing the Republic of South Korea at the IIAS.

Steve Troupin, IIAS Executive Secretary, welcomed the two delegates in the IIAS Brussel Headquarters. He briefly presented the IIAS Group and its entities, then he presented the new vision and mission of the IIAS Secretariat. Regarding the organization of events, he particularly stressed the 2019 IIAS Congress, to be held at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore on 20-23 June, and the 2018 AGPA Conference, to be held in Clark, Philippines, on 25-28 November. He invited South Korea to contribute to these events made by and for IIAS members. The other events of the IIAS Group (the IASIA, EGPA and LAGPA Conferences; and the Trans European, Transatlantic, and EURO MENA Dialogues) were overviewed. Steve insisted that IIAS try to propose an event that catch the attention and can be an exchange meeting point for every region of the world. Regarding publication series, Fabienne Maron, Scientific Director of IIAS, stressed the two brand-new products that will be launched shortly: the e-journal and the e-books in order to spread and make information more accessible to members. Regarding projects, she presented the research academy to be organized in autumn whose aim is to share methodology and to allow young PhD to get in contact with possible future professional environment. The Governance Week project, aimed at transforming the IIAS Statutory Meetings organized in February in Brussels into a select high-end event was presented too.

Yujin Lee briefly outlined the Government Innovation Master Plan the Government of the Republic of Korea has just adopted with significant contribution from the Ministry. She committed to consider showcasing it during the 2019 IIAS Congress certainly. She announced that her organization is hosting the next OGPI forum in Seoul, 9-10 November 2018, and that soon a call for proposals will be available on the website. She invited the IIAS to contribute to it, what was principally accepted.

She also announced the openness of the Government of the Republic of Korea to host events of the IIAS Group. She passed the warmest greetings of Professor Pan Suk Kim, Minister of Personnel Management, and IIAS immediate Past President. The two parts agreed to deepen their collaboration on the future, and the meeting ended by the IIAS Secretariat thanking the delegates for their visit.