Developments in Administration: The e-Journal of the IIAS, the IASIA and the Regional Groups of the IIAS - IIAS-IISA - International Institute of Administrative Sciences - Institut international des Sciences administratives


Aims and scope of the e-journal

This e-journal aims at expanding knowledge about developments in the public administration and public sector in countries and regions not extensively covered in the major journals in Public Administration. We would like to have papers that describe, try to explain or evaluate recent developments in governance, public administration, or public policies in one or a couple of such countries. Be it about reforms, new managerial processes, policy-developments, new developments in human resource management et cetera. The only restriction is that the paper is relevant for the practice of Public Administration research and training, for the discipline of Public Administration and/or for the practice of public administration. One of the aims of the Journal is to provide a publication-platform for high quality papers presented at a conference of the IIAS, IASIA or IIAS-regional groups.

The analyses should be focused, valid and reliable, sound and consistent, precise, systematic, and verifiable, but at the same time the outcomes should trigger the reader to think differently than before, to change perspective, because the paper contains a novel viewpoint, an original approach, research question and/or conclusion, and the findings are significant. We also encourage papers written from the perspective of trainees and students and/or written in such a way that it is supportive for enabling discussion among students and trainees about the merits of the developments and trends as described in the paper.


Periodicity : Bi-annual


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