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                    The  year  of  2021  marked  the  60th  anniversary  of  the                             Ms. Dong Qing
                    establishment of IASIA.  Over the past sixty years, IASIA has
                    committed  itself  to  strengthen  administrative  capacity
                    building  around  the  world,  to  advance  excellence  in                           President of the International
                    public  administration  education  and  training,  and  to                              Association of Schools and
                    conduct, discuss, and disseminate cutting-edge research                          Institutes of Administration (IASIA)
                    and “smart practices” on governance and administration

                    Facing the uncertainty generated by COVID-19 and the                       government and the private sector, addressed the topic
                    challenges  to  governance  capacity  exposed  by  the                     of “Public Administration & Industry 4.0/4IR.” It took place
                    pandemic, IASIA played its role and stepped up efforts to                  between July 26th and 30th in Bela-Bela, South Africa, and
                    stimulate  the  production  and  dissemination  of  relevant
                                                                                               was a very successful virtual event which gathered more
                    knowledge on public governance to support the policy                       than 350 people, from 57 countries, covering all time zones
                    response to the global ght against the pandemic. Under                    in the world. During those intense days of presentations,
                    the  new  paradigm  of  virtual  communication,  and  with
                                                                                               there were three plenaries, ve workshops, eight panels
                    great  support  from  the  IIAS-IASIA  secretariate,  our                  and 49 parallel sessions of IASIA Working Groups and IIAS
                    association,  under  the  leadership  of  the  Board  of                   tracks.
                    Management, has quickly responded and reformulated its
                    way of interacting with its members, with the academy, our                 Bringing together old and new friends, we celebrated the
                    strategic  allies,  public  service,  and  professionals  in               90-year anniversary of IASIA virtually, to recall those warm
                    accordance with the standards of best practices in public                  and highlighted moments in the past, and to discuss the
                                                                                               challenges  and  opportunities  ahead.  I  believe  this
                                                                                               anniversary  is  the  most  special  one  in  the  history  of  our
                    Based on the successful experience of organising the on-                   association. We are sure that we are moving forward with a
                    line  conference  in  2020,  we  organised  the  2021  annual
                                                                                               right direction and look forward to getting together with all
                    conference and the 60-year anniversary of our association                  of you as we celebrate the 100-year anniversary.
                    virtually. Together with IIAS, the IASIA-IIAS 2021 conference,
                    sponsored by the University of South Africa (UNISA), and
                    important international and local partners, both from the

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