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                    Another  year  of  the  new  normal  has  elapsed.  It  was  a                            Sahraoui, PhD.
                    mixture of joy and sorrow. Sorrow rst for the loss of our dear
                    colleague  Johanna  Nurmi  from  Finland,  EGPA  steering
                    committee  member  and  long-term  associate  of  our                                       Director General of the
                    network. She will be fondly remembered. Sorrow also for                                    International Institute of
                    the  number  of  other  people  whose  lives  have  been                             Administrative Sciences (IIAS)
                    disrupted  by  the  Covid-19  pandemic.  Our  heartfelt
                    condolences  to  the  family  and  friends  of  Johanna
                    (ourselves included) and our most sincere solidarity with all
                    of those aficted by the Coronavirus crisis.                               The  new  normal  was  a  major  impetus  for  continuing  to

                                                                                               solidify our presence and value-add   with our members.
                    Despite  these  unhappy  events,  IIAS  and  its  entities                 Our accreditation services picked up signicantly under
                    continue  to  be  resilient  during  these  trying  times.  As
                                                                                               the new ICAPA organisation. A number of institutions are in
                    expected,  2021  was  better  than  2020,  when  we  were                  the pipeline for being accredited and many more have
                    taken by surprise by the pandemic surge. While in 2020 we                  expressed an interest in doing so. We had a number of
                    had to cancel all our events and hold them online on an
                                                                                               manuscripts published under the Palgrave series and the
                    experimental basis, in 2021, we had a joint online IASIA/IIAS              new IIAS Public Governance series. While the former is well
                    conference and a hybrid EGPA  2021 conference, held in                     established  and  highly  sought  after,  the  latter  is  quickly
                    Brussels. Both were successful on all counts. First, we were               attracting interest with two manuscripts already published
                    able  to  hold  a  full-edged  online  conference  with  a                and another two currently under review. Open Access is
                    diverse  programme  and  signicant  participation.  It  was               not  limited  to  our  book  series,  however,  but  includes  a
                    proof  that  the  online  conference  model  was  a  viable                whole new system of channeling   conference papers to
                    alternative  to  the  conventional  onsite  model  when  the
                                                                                               partner journals along with our own Open Access Journal
                    latter was not feasible. Moreover, the EGPA 2021 hybrid                    (Developments in Administration -DinA), which has been
                    model with one third of participants onsite and two thirds                 relaunched this year. In 2021, we  were able to maintain a
                    online  allowed  us  to  experiment  successfully  with  the
                                                                                               regular stream of consulting revenue that allowed us to
                    hybrid  model.  Again,  it  was  a  remarkable  success  both              keep our nancial numbers positive for the year.
                    programme-wise and nancially.

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