Page 5 - Annual Repost 2021
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A new service, which will become increasingly strategic in                Our personnel count remains steady with ve full-time staff
         the  years  to  come,  has  been  introduced  in  2021,  IIAS             and  one  part-time,  but  we  have  utilised  internship
         afliated research centres. We have established the rst                  resources heavily. We enrolled ve interns during the year
         such  centre  in  partnership  with  the  National                        who have contributed signicantly to our enterprise. We
         Interdisciplinary Institute on Aging at Southwest Jiaotong                will continue with this strategy as it allows us to hire the
         University  in  Chengdu,  China  on  “Governance  for                     required resources just in time and for specic duties for
         sustainable aging  .”  We are already working on a second                 which they are fully qualied. Moreover, as our budgetary
         centre,  which  we  will  announce  soon.    Our  plan  is  to            situation does not allow us to hire full-time staff in Brussels,
         transform  some  of  our  working  groups  in  the  different             especially for administrative support, we will continue to
         entities into research centres with their own governance,                 rely on temporary interns to full our needs for the year to
         resources   , and consistent scientic production. This will              come. This also allows us to involve people from our global
         create a steady ow of knowledge into IIAS dissemination                  network.  This  has  become  easier  to  do  as  telework  is
         channels.                                                                 gradually becoming the norm.

         Overall, the perspectives for 2022 are very promising. We                 IIAS, like most other organisations, has  adapted well to the
         already have partners for the three main conferences of                   new  normal.  We  are  now  able  to  operate  remotely.
         IIAS (Rome), IASIA (Rabat) and EGPA (Lisbon). All of our                  Though  we  continue  to  go  to  the  ofce  whenever  it  is
         dialogues will restart: TED, TAD and EUROMENA. The IIAS                   allowed, we had no problem adjusting to the requirement
         Academy will be offered anew, and the IASIA e-learning                    of telework mandated by the Belgian government. We are
         platform will hopefully see the day of light this year. We are            currently in the process of reviewing our work regulations to
         aiming  for  a  similar  performance  as  in  2019  when  we              make telework an integral part to our modus-operandi.
         posted  a  record  nancial  result  and  a  full  roster  of
         programmes, activities, and services.                                     On the nancial side and as the report shows, we have
                                                                                   been able to post positive results for the last four years. The
         In terms of support activities, we have redesigned our visual             Covid-19  crisis  has  impacted  us  by  bringing  down  our
         identity and improved our communication. We are in the                    margins  to  the  minimum,  but  we  have  proven  resilient
         process of re-evaluating some of our long-standing service                enough to undergo the most severe of conditions yet keep
         contracts  such  as  for  accounting  and  IT  in  an  effort  to         aoat.
         further rationalise our overhead.

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