Page 6 - Annual Repost 2021
P. 6

After the low we experienced in 2020, 2021 was a recovery
                    year with a signicantly higher result, which was partially
                    absorbed by the director general pay that is now part of
                    the IIAS budget. We expect this upward trend to continue
                    next year with even more promising results.

                    Our  foremost  challenge  is  to  keep  relevant  and  offer
                    signicant  value-added  to  our  members.  Our  members
                    have shown us keen loyalty during these challenging times
                    by  staying  on-board  with  us.  Our  state  members,  who
                    constitute 80% of our membership revenue, have all paid
                    up their annual fees or are in the process of doing so. A new
                    state  member  joined  us  in  2021,  the  Institute  of  Public
                    Administration of Jordan. We will continue to pursue the
                    enrolment of state members as they form the backbone of
                    our  network.  We  have  already  approached  potential

                    In retrospect and at the end of this year 2021, we would like
                    to thank you all for your great support and involvement
                    with us. Our governance boards, which will gather here in
                    Brussels soon (as well as remotely for some), have been
                    very cooperative. To our large membership, conference
                    participants, subscribers to our review  , and many others,
                    we wish a good end of the year and greetings for a new
                    year full of joy and good health.

                    “Setting the Governance Agenda… since 1930”

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