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                                                                                                                        Dr. Ra’ed
                    Dear friends and colleagues all over the world,
                                                                                                                    Ben Shams

                    Like every year, I am honored to address you in this brief
                    message of the annual report. We have reached the end                                               President of the
                    of  another  year,  a  difcult  year  with  the  continuing                               International Institute of
                    Coronavirus pandemic crisis. However, we do not have the                             Administrative Sciences (IIAS)
                    same concerns we had last year about our Institute’s fate
                    in this crisis. IIAS has shown its resiliency throughout this crisis,
                    making us condent that it is here to continue its prestigious
                    90-year history.                                                           One  lesson  we  learned  from  this  crisis  is  that  our  most

                                                                                               reliable resource are our state members who constitute
                    In  addition  to  the  positive  nancial  results  that  are              80% of our membership revenue. This past year, we were
                    expected  at  the  end  of  this  year,  we  have  many
                                                                                               able  to  enroll  a  new  state  member  to  represent  the
                    achievements  at  the  level  of  service  delivery  to  our               Kingdom of Jordan, the Institute of Public Administration.
                    valuable  members.  We  have  resumed  our  onsite                         The priority for our membership drive in the year to come
                    conferences  although  partially.  We  have  developed  a
                                                                                               will  be  to  enroll  new  state  members.  We  have  already
                    strong capacity to hold hybrid events. We expect all of our                started approaching some with our new services.
                    events  to  be  hybrid  in  2022  and  there  are  six  of  them           Of course, membership depends on being able to offer
                    planned already. Our judicious investments in our virtual                  and promote a value-added proposition. We believe that
                    platform  and  online  conferencing  will  come  in  handy.                we have enhanced ours over the last few years, mainly
                    Publications  are  thriving  with  the  new  Open  Access                  through:
                    strategy alongside our traditional channels of IRAS and the
                    Palgrave  Book  series.  ICAPA  has  also  restarted  with  a
                                                                                               • The  publication  opportunities  with  the  Open  Access
                    consistent pipeline of candidates for accreditations. IASIA                   outlets  like  DinA,  partner  journals,  and  the  IIAS
                    and our regional groups in Asia, Europe and Latin America                     Publication Governance series;
                    have had good years as well. Their Presidents’ reports in this
                    annual report are testimony to that.                                       • The enhanced ICAPA services that we are now offering;

                    The key question now is where do we go from here?

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