ICAPA, the International Commission on the Accreditation of Public Administration and Training Programs, was establish in 2013 by the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA). It is a product of a process that began some years before when the Department of Public Administration and Development Management of the United Nations established the UN/IASIA Taskforce on Standards of Excellence for Public Administration Education and Training.



ICAPA provides services to public administration education and training programs throughout the world. For programs in a developmental stage ICAPA can, at the request of the program, provide expert consultancies to advise on the development and building of an outstanding public administration education or training program. For more established, but not yet fully developed, public administration education and training programs, ICAPA will upon request undertake a review which can result in the “rostering” of the program as one that has demonstrated a high level of quality even if its activities are relatively limited in scope. For more fully developed programs, ICAPA can provide full international accreditation based on the conformance of the program with the United Nations/IASIA Standards of Excellence for Public Administration Education and Training Programs. ICAPA accredits programs at all levels, Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. and also training programs.



Frequently, the pressures of routine activities are so great as to limit the ability of even the most fully developed programs in the field to pause and assess the effectiveness and relevance of what they are doing. The ICAPA review process requires a program under review to systematically assess what it is doing and why it is doing what it is doing and how effective and relevant are its activities. In order to facilitate this self-assessment, the ICAPA process includes all of the relevant stakeholders of a program (students, faculty, administrators, alumni and representatives from relevant governmental and public administration agencies).



The ICAPA Commission, which oversees all of ICAPA’s activities, includes several of the world’s top academics and practitioners among its membership. Commission members include individuals who have served as presidents of many major organizations in the field and who have served as cabinet ministers and in other high level government positions in their home countries.

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