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robert-fouchetMessage from the Director of Publications

As you already know, the International Institute of Administrative Sciences aims to advance the knowledge of administrative science, public management and all other disciplines related to public administration as well as issues of education and training in public administration.

The publications of IIAS and its entities have therefore developped knowledge and practices transmission values and became an image of their activities. As such they are a means of communication.

We can underline now the importance of the propagation of knowledge and expertise, whether academic or professional. At the same time, and more particularly, the standard requirements are mandatory in the academic field.Our International Review of Administrative Sciences (IRAS) is recognised and we must do everything to strengthen its influence. Our publications are praised and appreciated for their scientific quality and professional interest. We have to maintain their quality and their visibility. Finally, we know the importance of the electronic and digital publications for dispatching ideas and best practices in the field of administrative sciences and public management.

I invite you to contribute to our publications. I am sure that you will be engaged as well as mobilise your networks.

I will remain at your disposal and will try with Fabienne Maron to meet your expectations.

IIAS Publications Director
Professor at the Institut de Management Public et de Gouvernance Territoriale
Aix-Marseille University

The IIAS publishes regularly:

  • The reports of its annual Major Meetings (Congresses, Conferences, electronic version only) as well as those of its several sub-entities (IASIA, EGPA, LAGPA and AGPA) ; proceedings where published until 2010.
  • Scientific studies resulting from research works of its Project Groups (IIAS), Working Groups (IASIA) and Study Groups (EGPA).

The books of the IIAS and its entities are published in two main collections:

The publications are coordinated by the Director of Publications and the Committee members representing the various entities of the IIAS.

List of the Publications Committee Members 2013-2016

Contact : Dr. Fabienne Maron – Scientific Advisor and Publications Coordinator –


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