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Alternative Delivery Service

Authors :
Juraj Nemec
Vincent Potier
Michiel S. de Vries (Eds)

Serie :
IASIA/IIAS 2018 ISBN – 978-2-931003-01-5 


This book is about alternative public service delivery arrangements. Public service delivery concerns services in the public interest, directly or indirectly provided by local, regional, national or supranational governments. A government may finance, manage and provide the legal structure for instance the provision of basic services, such as water and electricity in order to ensure that all people have access. Indirectly governments can subsidize, regulate or in other ways support private or non-profit organizations to provide their people with food, clothing, housing, medical care and social services. Public service delivery is also about governments providing safety through, for instance, the building of dikes against flooding, in the old days, the building of walls around cities against outside threats - and nowadays walls between countries. It is about protecting people from injustice and harm through making and upholding laws, be it through the protection of their property rights, the protection against discrimination, or protection against exploitation through laws regulating the increasingly complex living conditions. It is also about taking care of safety through the organization of the military, the police, fire brigades, prosecutors and judges. Governments vary to the extent they provide services to enhance human development in their territory, through basic education, social housing, socio-economic development and human development.

EN Alternative Delivery Service

FR Modes Alternatifs de Prestation de Services Publics