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Governance and Public Management

The Governance and Public Management series, published in conjunction with Palgrave, brings the best research in public administration and management to a global audience. Encouraging a diversity of approach and perspective, the series reflects the Institute's conviction for a neutral and objective voice, grounded in the exigency of fact. How is governance conducted now? How could it be done better? What defines the law of administration and the management of public affairs, and can their implementation be enhanced? Such questions lie behind the Institute's core value of accountability: those who exercise authority must account for its use to those on whose behalf they act.

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Prefects, Governors and Commissioners - Territorial Representatives of the State in Europe

Authors :Gildas Tanguy & Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans (Eds.)

Serie :IIAS Series Governance and Public Management, 2021

Description :

  • Explores the role of territorial representatives of the central state at a sub-national level
  • Examines case studies from across Europe
  • Utilises quantitative data gathered at the pan-European level

Is the Prefect an exception, surviving only in France and some countries influenced by Napoleon? No!

This book tells the varied stories of the resilience, in most European States and under different names, of the prefectoral institution. It is the first comparative book in English studying these territorial administrators who have a go-between role in centre-periphery relations and a nodal role in territorial governance.

Gathering a multidisciplinary team of scholars under the auspices of the European Group for Public Administration, this volume offers a fine-grained analysis of 17 national cases, examines cross-country data, and proposes a theoretical frame made of a Weberian ideal-type with three variants, to better comprehend and explain the permanence and changes of the prefectoral figure.

Patterns of Local Autonomy in Europe

Authors :Ladner, A., Keuffer, N., Baldersheim, H., Hlepas, N., Swianiewicz, P., Steyvers, K., Navarro, C. (2019)

Serie :IIAS Series by Palgrave Macmillan - Governance and Public Management Series, 2019

Description :

This book considers local autonomy, measured as a multidimensional concept, from a cross-country comparative perspective, and examines how variations can be explained and what their consequences are. It fills a gap in the literature by providing a comprehensive study of the different components of local autonomy across a large number of countries, over time. It offers a theoretically saturated concept to measure local autonomy and applies it to 39 countries, including all 28 EU member states together with Albania, Georgia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldova, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland Turkey and Ukraine, over a period of 25 years (1990-2014).

Strategic Planning in Local Communities

Authors :Hințea, C. E. (Ed), Profiroiu, M. C. (Ed), Țiclău, T. C. (Ed) (2019)

Serie :IIAS Series by Palgrave Macmillan - Governance and Public Management Series, 2019

Description :

This is a comparative international study of the patterns of planning in local governments. While strategic planning has been a field of interest for public management and administrative science for over half a century there are very few cross-national studies of the specifics of planning in local governments. The book analyses the planning activities of local authorities in 7 diverse countries: France, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Spain, Turkey and USA. Although theoretical models of strategic planning are used, the book’s findings point to a very diverse and interesting environment with cultural, political and legal factors playing a significant role in shaping how planning is done in each country.

Performance-Based Budgeting in the Public Sector

Authors :de Vries, M. S. (Ed), Nemec, J. (Ed), Špaček, D. (Ed) (2019)

Serie :IIAS Series by Palgrave Macmillan - Governance and Public Management Series, 2019

Description :

This book provides a comparative analysis of performance budgeting and financing implementation, and examines failures and successes across both developed and developing countries. Beginning with a review of theoretical research on performance budgeting and financing, the book synthesises the numerous studies on the subject. The book describes the situation in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Netherlands and Italy, as well as in seven developing countries - Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia and South Africa, at the national, and at the local level. Each chapter provides historical and descriptive details of successful or failed experiments in performance budgeting and performance financing.

Public Administration in Europe

Authors :Edoardo Ongaro (Ed)

Serie :IIAS Series by Palgrave Macmillan - Governance and Public Management Series, 2018

Description :

This book considers the ways in which public administration (PA) has been studied in Europe over the last forty years, and examines in particular the contribution of EGPA, the European Group for Public Administration, both to the growth of a truly pan-European PA, and to the future of PA in Europe. The book provides a lively reflection on the state of the art of PA both over the past forty years and over the next forty years. It reflects on the consolidation and institutionalisation of EGPA as the European community for the study of PA in Europe, and demonstrates the need for such a regional group for PA in Europe, as well as for regional groups for the study of PA in other parts of the world. The book also demonstrates the functional, cultural and institutional reasons that underpin the significance of a regional group for researching and studying PA at an ‘intermediate level of governance’ between the national and the global levels. The book provides rich insights about the state of the art of PA in Europe from the leading public administration scholars.

Swiss Public Administration

Authors :Andreas Ladner, Nils Soguel, Yves Emery, Sophie Weerts, Stéphane Nahrath (Eds)

Serie :IIAS Series by Palgrave Macmillan - Governance and Public Management Series, 2018

Description :

Swiss citizens approve of their government and the way democracy is practiced; they trust the authorities and are satisfied with the range of services Swiss governments provide. This is quite unusual when compared to other countries. This open access book provides insight into the organization and the functioning of the Swiss state. It claims that, beyond politics, institutions and public administration, there are other factors, which make a country successful. The authors argue that Switzerland is an interesting case, from a theoretical, scientific and a more practice-oriented perspective. While confronted with the same challenges as other countries, Switzerland offers different solutions, some of which work astonishingly well.

The Laws of Transparency in Action

Authors :Dacian Dragos, Polonca Kovač, A. T. Marseille, (Eds)

Serie :IIAS Series by Palgrave Macmillan - Governance and Public Management Series, 2018

Description :

This book examines the issue of free access to information as part of the openness and transparency principles. The free access to public information has become one of the most hotly contested aspects of contemporary government and public administration. Many countries in Europe have well-established Freedom of Information laws (FOIAs), while others have adopted them more recently. The problems that occur in the implementation of FOIAs are different due to the legal and institutional context; nevertheless, patterns of best practices and malfunctioning are comparable. The book analyses in comparative and empirical perspective the respective main challenges. Whilst the existing literature focusses on the legal provisions, this book offers practical insights through 13 national profiles and the EU level, on how effective the legal provisions of FOIAs really prove to be.

Local Public Services in Times of Austerity across Mediterranean Europe

Authors :Andrea Lippi, Theodore N. Tsekos (Eds)

Serie :IIAS Series by Palgrave Macmillan - Governance and Public Management Series, 2018

Description :

This book provides a comparative analysis of the processes and impacts of austerity measures introduced in the field of Local Public Services (LPS) across Mediterranean Europe. The book describes and compares the trajectories of austerity, and the types of effects. It investigates how many (and what kind of) different responses were given to similar inputs and under the influence of what factors in order to understand if there are regularities in the way that the Mediterranean countries adopted and implemented the austerity measures and how these latter impacted on local government and LPS management and delivery. The book is a product of a sub network from the COST Action LocRef IS1207 and analyses seven countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus and Albania).